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Terminal options

If set to false, it allows you to insert some kind of welcome message before allowing user input.

A beep will be played when the user try to do something not allowed, like a Unix terminal.

Sets the prompt string. Default is "> ".

Terminal properties

Returns true if a prompt is available for user-input.

Gets the list of every registered commands.

Gets the list of every called commands.

Gets the character index of the textbox where the prompt ends and where the user input starts.

Terminal public methods

void InsertNewPrompt()
Inserts a new prompt in the terminal. Should be called at least once in the CommandEntered event handler.

void InsertLineBeforePrompt(string text)
Inserts a line of text before the last prompt. Typically used to display some asynchronous messages even if a prompt has been inserted to allow user input.

Terminal events

EventHandler<CommandEventArgs> CommandEntered
Fired when the user presses the "enter" key if user input is allowed.

EventHandler<EventArgs> AbortRequested
Fired when the user presses Ctrl+C. Typically used to stops the execution of the last entered command.

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